The research was conducted with the aim

To collect opinions from university students on “안전놀이터” by presenting basic data of Sports Toto marketing.

perception of lottery and purchasing behavior of Sports Toto in order

to revitalize Sports Toto, and the following conclusion was drawn

through the survey. Surveyors with experience in participating in gambling

and gambling in lottery appeared lower than those without experience,

and participants had a more positive image than those who did not.

Therefore, experience is needed to improve their image.

The results of the correlation between the types of participation show that

both of them are individually aware of the opposite image factors of

pleasure and addiction at a high level, suggesting that measures for

eliminating negative images and strengthening positive images should be

carried out bilaterally.

a realistic view of Sports Toto

The reason for participating in Sports Toto is that the “안전한 합법토토” strategy

of linking or equating Sports Toto with existing sports as it is now

considered valid, and the possibility of winning the Sports Toto

should be highlighted to strengthen the image of university

students as a healthy betting game that is possible for sports leisure rather.

In this result, soccer was the highest in sales, but it is believed that the

buyer’s demand for the items and methods should be investigated

from time to time to secure a structural investigation route that

applies the items and methods according to the results.

Positive image enhancement should also be considered in service

factors, and advertising should focus on sports newspapers, the most

favored means of public relations. I think that reducing inconvenience

disclosing the Internet usage process will affect gambling

Change the deadline and increase the number of times

“안전놀이터” is used due to image improvement.

In conclusion, since inducement of participation is directly related

to image enhancement, a dual image enhancement strategy should be

implemented for image factors while inducing participation in

consideration of service factors.

Today’s leisure form is changing to the extent and content that can

be shared with daily life while having the effect of deviating from

daily life.  The multidimensional nature of sports is a trend that is

being subdivided by rapid changes in living conditions

and advances in science and technology.

But even if the various characteristics and functions of sports exist,

sports are basically born from people’s entertainment.

To test a kind of luck or to ‘play’ it to enjoy it more as a diversion,

so that sports may act as a liberator from the abstinence of daily life.